presented by Saskatchewan Geological Society



 The Saskatchewan Geological Society presents a one-day core workshop. Details to come.


Date: May 1, 2023 • 11:00 am - 4:30 pm



Location: Saskatchewan Energy and Resources Core Examination Facility

                  201 Dewdney Ave. E. 

The Souris River Formation Evaporites and Implications for Saskatchewan Potash Mining

presenter: Tanner Soroka, Nutrien Potash


The Asymmetry of the Williston Basin during Basal Mississippian Souris Valley/Lodgepole Time

presenter: John Lake, Lake Geological Consulting


Examination of reservoir development and stratigraphic hydrocarbon trapping of the Ordovician Red River D interval (upper Yeoman Fm.), western North Dakota

presenter: Timothy Nesheim, North Dakota Geological Survey


Exploration / development history and sedimentological drivers of reservoir performance of the Mississippian Madison Frobisher-Alida (Rival) – Midale Fields, Burke County, North Dakota

presenter: Ted Starns, North Dakota Geological Survey


Lithofacies Characterization, Stratigraphy, and Resource Potential of the Mannville Group (Cretaceous), north-central Saskatchewan

presenter: Meagan Gilbert, Saskatchewan Geological Survey



Reservoir Characterization of the Mixed Carbonate-Clastic Upper Shaunavon Member, North of Gull Lake in southwestern Saskatchewan

presenter: Peter Hill, Saskatchewan Geological Survey