Introduction to Applied Geophysics for Non-Geophysicists

Instructor: John L. J. Duhault, P.Geo., President of Starbird Enterprises

May 19 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 

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PTRC Offices

Innovation Place 

140 - 6 Research Drive

Regina, SK S4S 7J7

Spannier Meeting Room

A short course on lessons learned using integrated geophysical case histories to solve oil and gas field operational problems, with applicability to the energy transition industries A course for learners wishing to understand the business of geophysics without having to grind through geoscience math.


Course Format: 

  • What is 3D seismic?
  • What specific geophysical tools can improve my company’s profitability?
  • Is there any VOI, "Value of Information” in acquiring geophysical data?
  • What are DAS and DTS?
  • Will the Roughies win the Grey Cup in 2022?

This one-day, 7-hour short course will answer those questions:


After an introduction to some Geophysical Fundamentals, the course follows the life cycle of an oil or gas property, from concept to booking reserves from the engineering discipline point of view. Case histories illustrate the geophysical tools applied to solve an oil field development problem.


The course is designed to identify specific operational problems and provide an integrated geophysical tool to help solve that problem. The course will address issues such as:


  • Mis-located leases, preliminary site verification
  • Drill hazards, including wells with lost circulation, staying in-zone or getting stuck
  • Visualizing, planning, and encountering optimal reservoir zones
  • How efficient are your completed wells? How many perf clusters/stages are contributing to the production?
  • Sustaining the profitability of legacy oil fields.
  • Getting additional reserves booked for your company


The case histories clearly illustrate where integrated geological, geophysical, and engineering data are critical to the project’s success. The case histories will consist of unconventional and conventional production settings and will identify the geophysical apps that crossover into the energy transition industries.


Who Should Attend:


The course is ideal for geologists, petroleum engineers, management, and financial analysts who want to understand the latest geophysical technology and be able to ask the tough questions confidently. The case histories give the learner a qualitative learning experience without understanding the mathematical details.


Course Outline:


Introduction: Life Cycle of an Oil and Gas Property 

A brief introduction to Geophysical Fundamentals

  • What is Geophysics?
  • Basic Seismic Acquisition 2D and 3D
  • The Geophysical Gamble
  • Statistics, Cross-Correlation
  • Interpretation, Resolution
  • Attributes, Inversion
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Analysis
  • Reliability and Relevance

Integrated Geophysical Apps used in the Drilling and early Facilities Planning Stage

  • Datum, LiDAR, Drill Hazards, Directional Drilling in Sask., Near Surface Geophysics

Integrated Geophysical Apps used in the Completion and Stimulation Stage

  • Microseismic, Tiltmeter, Induced Seismicity

Integrated Geophysical Apps used in the Development and Production Stage

  • Inversion, DAS, DTS, Legacy Oil Pool Interpretation

Integrated Geophysical Apps used in the Booking Reserves and Resource Stage

  • Inversion, SPEE-COGE Reserves Definition

Summary: Value Proposition and Team collaboration 


Course Instructor:


John Duhault, President and Senior Geoscience Consultant

Starbird Enterprises


John Duhault is an “Advisor Risk-Mitigator Trainer” Geoscientist who has over 42 years of industry experience including over 50,000 hours as a geoscience interpreter in Canada and internationally. He is passionate about teaching the business value of integrated geophysics through the “storytelling” of case histories and has presented papers in North America, Europe, and New Zealand.


Mr. Duhault graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BSc in Geological Engineering. During his career he has found significant reserves of oil and gas for senior exploration companies and numerous junior independents. He also founded and led two private junior oil and gas companies.


Now Mr. Duhault is the Principal Consultant for Starbird Enterprises where he specializes in conventional exploration, unconventional resource-play, and energy transition industry (Geothermal, CCS and Helium) seismic interpretation. He also teaches in-person and virtual courses on integrated geophysical applications for Geoscientists and Engineers.


Mr. Duhault is a Past President of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) and is currently the Vice-Chair for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).


Mr. Duhault is a member of APEGA, CSEG, SEG, CSPG, SPE, and SPEE.



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  • $800 plus tax after April 30